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NAWIC Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 to honor the memories of many of our former members.  Each year we select one recipient who we feel is an exceptional local student to receive this special honor.   This value of the memorial scholarship will be a minimum of $1,500.

The NAWIC Memorial Scholarship honors all those in our Chapter who were members at their time of their passing.  A few of these members are listed below:

Ethel Bogguess - John Deere & Co.
Marilyn Burke - Knutson – Sunderland Bothers
Beatrice Gromoll - Cassini Tile & Marble
Shirley Lofgren - Coopman Construction
Mary Oetzmann - Gierke Robinson Company
Pat Puestow - Born Heating & Air Conditioning
Margaret Thorpe - Goetz Concrete Construction

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